Every culture & Tradition in this world identifies their heritage, which makes them uniquely different. Cultural traditions are ingrained practices and beliefs which we learn since birth, it includes events, rituals and customs that every society shares.


Trouser called Salwar & Top called Kameez, beautiful combination makes the dress called Salwar-Kameez is worn by women. They come in so many beautiful styles, designs & available in various materials. Being part of the North Indian community I saw ladies dressing up beautifully in Salwar Kameez for special occasions. With the time

I felt that Salwaar Kameez isn’t just popular among Punjabi’s but ladies all over the world like to wear them too.

Punjabi Jutti

Punjabi Jutti CanadaPunjabi Jutti isn’t just an ordinary shoe, it belongs to the richest era of the time of Mugals, they were traditionally made up of leather with extensive embroidery in real gold and silver thread as inspired by Indian royalty over 400 years ago, in the modern era they are available in various colors, embroidered with different type of threads designed with beads, charms & pearls. They have no left or right distinction. They usually have flat sole, and are similar in design for both women and men except for men they have a sharp extended tip. Punjabi jutti are not just popular among North Indian community for special occasions, they have become part of the, day to day wear with jeans etc all over the World.

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